Smart Energy Tracker™ (SET)


Blackstone’s Smart Energy Tracker SET is a new body of research focused on emerging trends within the energy sector. This nationally representative research provides insights into up-and-coming programs and technologies that will shape the electricity marketplace of tomorrow.


The Smart Energy Tracker offers access to in-depth reports, tabulations, and interactive dashboards that allow your organization to gain the insight it needs. Detailed reports include executive summaries and high level analysis for decision makers, as well as deep-dive analysis for hands-on professionals. Access to tabs allows for custom charting and analysis, while interactive dashboards give users the ability to look at data in new ways, filtering to focus on subpopulations of interest.

Available Resources

One Pager Research Insights Emerging Trends



Topics Covered

• Renewable Energy Programs
• Demand Response Programs
• Energy Efficient Equipment and Lighting
• Grid Modernization/Smart Meters
• Onsite Generation
• Home Automation
• Electric Vehicles
• Other Energy Trends


Topics are analyzed from a variety of perspectives, including awareness, participation, satisfaction, information sources, likelihood to recommend, and more. Renewable energy and demand response programs are analyzed to provide both national and regional benchmarks. The Smart Energy Tracker also provides insight into the effect of utility provided incentives for efficient equipment and lighting adoption. Attitude toward grid modernization and smart meters is also assessed. Finally, up-and-coming trends are tracked to provide a greater understanding of how emerging technologies will change the energy marketplace of tomorrow.

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