Can’t get no satisfaction?

Our surveys will tell you why.

One tweet, one Facebook post or one YouTube video can have the power to either escalate your brand to “darling” status among customers, or drop it the ranks of distrusted companies.   Although you can’t control what others are saying about your brand on social media channels, you can protect your company’s image through effective social media management.  Even a negative social media post that goes viral can be managed so it won’t permanently damage your brand.

Customers constantly evaluate your organization and your products and services.  But they’re doing it in different ways from how they did in the past.   Now, customers determine – and broadcast – the perceived value of your products and services through “Foursquare” check-ins, tweets, viral videos, message boards and blogs.   The reasons they defect may have more to do with how you handle a social media comment about your brand than on the promises touted in your advertising messages.

Customer satisfaction is a multifaceted area.  Customers make decisions about a brand based on many things.  Why do satisfied customers defect?  How do your customer satisfaction rates compare to those of your competitors?  What do today’s social media-savvy customers really want—and what are positive brand aspects that get retweeted and “liked”?

These are questions the Blackstone Group can answer through in-depth market research.  We don’t just report survey results; we get at the deep-seated reasons behind the results using our SEQuaLS™ integrated program for improving customer satisfaction.

There’s a tremendous difference in loyalty between “merely” satisfied customers and “totally” satisfied customers, and knowing which camp your customers fall into can have a big impact on your bottom line.  Through our satisfaction research, we’ll pinpoint customer dissatisfaction issues, and identify product and service improvements to increase customer loyalty.

We can do the same thing for employee satisfaction.  If you have a high turnover rate, there’s a reason.  Let the Blackstone Group help you find the reason and resolve it.   On average, you’ll spend $25,000 and take seven weeks to replace one employee.

That’s a cost you just can’t afford.