Discover the stories hidden in the depths of your customer and research data

The Blackstone Group’s powerful online, interactive dashboard product allows end users to extract rich, telling stories from multiple, integrated data sources on an ad hoc basis from anywhere in the world.

Our custom dashboard’s multidimensional visual analysis helps end users to quickly and easily identify trends and outliers in data sets and share those results with their team in real-time.

Online Dashboards Put the User Experience First

Many companies do not use their existing business intelligence systems because the program is laborious or not intuitive for the average user.

Our philosophy is that if we make dashboards easy for the end user to use, they will use them more often and help to create a strategic advantage over their competition through informed decision-making.

Our dashboard’s easy-to-use interface and drag and drop tools helps to transfer the power of analysis from research and IT teams to the end user with little to no training necessary. Users do not have to be well versed in analytics, statistics or SQL to analyze exhaustive data and avoid the grueling work involved in analyzing row after row of information.

Connect Directly into Databases for Real-Time Analysis

Companies typically have a vast amount of data; whether it is Excel, SPSS and CVS files of primary research or the company’s CRM. Rather than building a database to answer a predetermined question, our dashboard technology loads entire data sets and empowers end users to produce visual insight into a myriad of questions in real-time.

Online dashboards help marketers, researchers and business analysts justify the investment of collecting important data by making the data directly accessible in an understandable format.

Share Visual Insights with Your Team from Anywhere

Our online dashboards are customized to meet the particular demands of each client and the graphical output is immediately presentable with little to no formatting required.

Our custom dashboards are hosted online, which helps to increase the efficiency and standardization of reporting across teams, departments and locations.