A name is an invaluable equity. Invest in making it unique

A unique, effective name is the key to marketing success. The right name is a powerful contributor to your product’s image. Without the right name, the value of other marketing efforts and expenditures could be wasted.
Namecraft™ is Blackstone Group’s exclusive name generation and testing system designed for consumer products, services, computers, electronic products and new businesses. It begins by providing a thorough understanding of your product’s features, benefits, image and target market-as well as those of your competitors. This maximizes our ability to find the right name for your needs.

Namecraft’s approach includes:

  • Combining brainstorming, etymology, morphology and computer word formation
  • Providing multiple perspectives on your naming requirements
  • Pinpointing the names with greatest potential for reaching your target market
  • Enabling insights into global naming, through extensive knowledge of languages, cultures and markets

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