Reap the benefits of online and in-person research in one powerful methodology

With the economy picking up, now is the time to maintain and even grow market share. To help you gain the traction (and insight) you need, the Blackstone Group has a new online research methodology that quickly and accurately gathers the real-time data you want when you need it.
(IQ)²™: Interactive Insight from Qualitative/Quantitative is an online, hybrid methodology that provides both qualitative and quantitative perspectives from online focus groups and integrated, individually administered questionnaires. It is ideal for developing and testing product concepts, names, positioning, advertisements and messaging.

Some of the advantages of (IQ)² are:

  • More rich data. Gathers up to 60 minutes of data from each participant instead of the 10 minutes that traditional focus groups gather per participant.
  • Faster results. Preliminary quantitative responses are gathered in real-time, and topline total findings are available within 2-3 days. In contrast, it typically takes a week or more for results to be processed from traditional focus groups.
  • Lower costs. (IQ)²’s unique study design gathers qualitative and quantitative insight in one step with online focus groups and integrated, individually administered surveys. Traditional focus groups may need a subsequent study for quantitative direction, thereby increasing costs and delaying final analysis.

(IQ)² also allows for higher consistency in data gathering across market segments and geographies. Due to its unique set-up, (IQ)² has the ability to rectify common qualitative research drawbacks, such as groupthink, to ensure that the results are as accurate as possible.

Take a closer look at our cutting-edge research technology:

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