Where’s your next big international market?

Which international market will have the highest ROI for your product or service?  Which global markets are currently untapped or under-developed for your company?  What are the barriers to entry to international markets, and how can you overcome those barriers?

The Blackstone Group can help you navigate the tricky waters of global marketing with our international research consulting services.  By identifying a potential market and estimating the size of that market, we will help to determine a preliminary value of the product.  Understanding your technology, product or service’s “value proposition” to the international marketplace is a crucial step in getting your business off the ground—or making sure it stays competitive.

The Blackstone Group’s comprehensive international market assessment studies ensure your international project has the right design, the right focus, and the right execution plan to ensure success in the global marketplace.   We identify the unique market needs of the multicultural marketplace, including:  market size, market trends, market growth rate, industry cost exposure, distribution channels and market trends.

We do more than just market research.  We navigate you across international borders to find the right destination for your products and services.