Tablets are not just for your commute or business trip.
They are now an essential part of EveryWare

EveryWare is the Blackstone Group’s innovative in-person interviewing methodology that has been developed and enhanced over the past 15 years.

First starting with PDAs, we have consistently improved the in-person interviewing experience by staying up-to-date with and incorporating emerging technologies. Now, the Blackstone Group utilizes our fleet of specially programmed tablets as the technological backbone to EveryWare.

Survey Your Target Audience at Any Touchpoint

As its name suggests, EveryWare allows for trained interviewers to precisely capture experiential data from your target audience at the identified touchpoint – be that where they are shopping, traveling or working.

EveryWare allows for in-person survey administration from practically anywhere given that Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity are built into our tablets. This uninterrupted connectivity allows for interviewers to retrieve any new or modified questionnaires on-the-fly rather than needing to regroup before continuing the interviews.

Multimedia-Rich Surveys with Advanced Skip Patterns

Unlike most in-person interviewing methodologies, EveryWare allows the client to receive in-person feedback about various types of multimedia, including print advertisements, videos or audio advertisements. EveryWare’s cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates the desired multimedia directly into the survey.

Preprogrammed, automated skip patterns are integrated into the survey structure, allowing the interviewer to easily navigate through complex surveys. The advanced structure decreases the time and cost per survey, enhances the interviewing experience and increases the likelihood that the interviewee will stay engaged.

Real-Time Response Data for Quick Results

Once the survey is completed, the interviewer can submit the validated response data directly from the tablet in real-time, eliminating data re-keying. The real-time response data is then analyzed and quickly turned around into insightful reports.

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