Determining Drivers of Non-Adherence among Hispanics/Non-Hispanics


A top-12 pharmaceutical company sought to:

  • Determine similarities and differences between Hispanics and non-Hispanic Caucasians with respect to medication adherence and persistence.
  • Identify drivers of adherence and persistence for two key product categories of interest; and
  • Characterize adherent and non-adherent Hispanics..


Blackstone conducted 800 surveys (English and Spanish) among consumers using a multi-source sampling methodology.

  • Blackstone deployed field-based recruiting to ensure that less acculturated and lower socioeconomic status Hispanics were included.

Our team of advanced analytics experts then employed various analytical techniques, including:

  • Uncovered consumer language regarding the product.
  • Latent class segmentation.
  • Logistical regression; and
  • Principle components analysis.


Blackstone successfully identified drivers of adherence and persistence overall, for each disease state and within each disease state for Hispanics and non-Hispanics.k.