Having an idea is just the first step.

You have a great idea for a new product, line extension or branding campaign, but how will that idea play to your target market?    Testing a new idea requires analysis of a complex set of variables.  You need a lot of questions answered:

  • What is the customer interest in the product concept?
  • What are the points of confusion in your product description?
  • What language do your customers use when talking about your concept?
  • What would the customer pay for a product like the one you envision?
  • Would they reach for a product packaged in the way you imagine?

The Blackstone group has extensive experience and an arsenal of cutting-edge tools to help you test your product, packaging or branding concept to get the right answers to those questions.

We use our proprietary online methodology, Concept ESP, to quickly conduct concept testing.  It is a cost-effective, modular tool that can test up to 15 different concepts at one time using online focus groups, Web-based eye tracking and Web surveys.

You get insightful reports that are easy to understand and include actionable information to identify which concept will play best in the market.

Blackstone also uses its (IQ)2 (Interactive Insight from Qualitative/Quantitative) product to hold focus groups and other online qualitative research to assess concepts in more detail.  These online focus groups can get to the emotional connections that the potential target audience may have with the proposed concepts.

After the Blackstone Group’s concept testing, you can confidently move forward with a winning version of your concept – or make the decision not to move forward, saving millions of dollars.