What’s your ‘so-what?’

Every company and every brand needs a ‘so what’ factor.  What’s a ‘so what’ factor?  It’s the single, can’t-get-it-anywhere-else, got-to-have-it value that you deliver to the marketplace.  If you have—or can create—a compelling ‘so what’ factor, then you will have brand evangelists coming out of the woodwork to tout your company’s greatness.  (Can you say ‘Apple’?)

But before you can understand how your brand needs to evolve–and what your ‘so what’ factor is– you need to understand how you are perceived in the marketplace; you need to understand how your customers and potential customers respond to your brand.

Maybe your company image needs complete rebranding to create your ‘so what’ factor. Maybe it just needs some fine-tuning to get brand evangelists singing your praises.  Maybe your concept is slightly off key. Either way, the Blackstone Group has the expertise and tools to make the right adjustments.  Through comprehensive brand research and meticulous market research, we evaluate how your company’s brand is perceived in the marketplace.

We firmly believe your brand is the sum total of customers’ perceptions and reactions.  Therefore, we approach branding research differently from most models.

At the Blackstone Group, we take a holistic approach to evaluating your brand—looking at it from a 360-degree perspective.

Branding isn’t just about a catchy name or a cute slogan.  It’s about the promises you make to the marketplace.  It’s about the emotional connection your customers have with your brand.  It’s about brand positioning and spot-on advertising messaging.

To truly understand the best market position for your brand, you need to get inside the heads of your customers and potential customers, and to evaluate consumer responses to your brand as compared to the brands of your competitors.

The Blackstone Group looks at your brand from every angle.  We evaluate how it plays in different cultures and how it impacts decisions at the point of purchase.

From the name of your product to its packaging, positioning, and communications messages, Blackstone has the expertise, technology and experience to help you win market share, drive sales and increase revenues.