The right message at the right time

… delivered to the right audience in the right way.

Messaging isn’t just about what’s on your website or print advertisements.  Your logo, product packaging and virtual store shelves all send messages—conscious and subconscious—to your audience.

Design, usability and message effectiveness all impact your ability to keep your customers from flipping the page, turning the channel or clicking on to the next website.

Understanding the science of human-computer interaction is critical to message effectiveness and website usability.  That’s where our proprietary ACE™ (Advanced Communication Evaluation Method) comes into play.

ACE™ uses Web-based eye-tracking research and questionnaires to assess what people look at, in what order, how long and how intensely. ACE™ can be used for advertising & communications testing and usability research.

At the Blackstone Group, we use the results of our ACE™ tool to give you clear-cut, easy-to-implement actions to maximize the impact of your message.

Now that’s market research with results!