Perfect the visual impact of your pixels to cut through the clutter and maximize your ROI

You have a few seconds to reach your customers before they flip the page, turn the channel or click to the next website. ACE™ (Advanced Communication Evaluator) helps clients effectively reach and engage their customers by optimizing the execution of the design, structure and message through its unique, two-stage study design: online eye-tracking exercises followed by individually administered questionnaires

ACE measures the impact of digital stimuli utilizing the industry’s only webcam-based eye-tracking technology. As our eye-tracking research is done online, participants no longer need to travel to a qualitative testing facility; they can complete the exercises from the comfort of their home or office. All that is necessary to have is a computer, webcam and Internet connection.

This online eye-tracking technology still gathers the robust data of on-site eye-tracking research without the additional facility costs. By analyzing the rich data, our senior market research analysts are able to pinpoint the visual impact of advertisements, labels, packaging or websites and unobtrusively identify what visual elements affect the viewers’ attitudes and perceptions.

The online eye-tracking exercises provide insight into how the stimulus is viewed:

  • What parts of the stimulus material were looked at;
  • In what order; and
  • For how long and how intensely.

To provide greater insight, the online eye-tracking exercise is followed up by a primary research questionnaire. Experienced interviewers use a custom questionnaire to quantitatively measure how participants react to the visual stimulus.

Final analysis of the online eye-tracking exercise and questionnaire results isolates specific areas of execution in the stimulus that cause outstanding/disappointing perceptions. Based on that analysis, the Blackstone Group is able to provide meaningful recommendations that optimize the effectiveness and/or usability of the stimulus.